Sheet Metal Crafters offers unique flexibility for fabricating an almost endless array of metal products. Our capabilities allow us to work with metals – including stainless steel and aluminum – ranging from 10 to 26 gauges. Capabilities also extend to plastics and fiberglass.


Using the latest metalworking techniques, we employ cutting-edge technologies to help streamline our operations and provide the best-possible output for our customers, including:

  • A CNC plasma cutting machine with AutoCAD® software, allowing us to work quickly and precisely
  • Pinch-and-plate rolling machine that custom rolls up to 5' in length and 3/8" thickness
  • A 90-ton ironworker that shears, punches and notches on light or heavy plates, and cuts the right shape for your project

FabricationBy using these advanced technologies, and relying on the expertise of our qualified professional employees, we can create:

  • Roof curbs
  • Machine guards
  • Architectural metal
  • Art pieces
  • New products and product prototypes
  • Boiler breechings
  • Stacks
  • Blow-pipe systems
  • Material handling
  • Chutes and spouts
  • Siding and decking
  • Ventilation hoods
  • Food processing materials
  • Pollution control materials


This is just a sampling of our fabrication capabilities. Contact Sheet Metal Crafters today to discover how we can create the right custom product for your project.