About Us

Craftsmanship. Technology. Safety. They're the attributes that Sheet Metal Crafters is proud to be built upon.
We're a leader in the commercial, industrial and light-commercial HVAC industry. Our focus is on heating, cooling, ventilation, humidifying, dehumidifying, filtering and controlling odors, noises and drafts. We create product that goes into building-sustaining systems, and we provide valuable fabrication, design and Fire Life Safety inspection services.


Our unmatched service, efficiency and win-win approach facilitate long-term relationships with our customers and our company team members.


We streamline the process for our customers by employing the expertise of our on-staff engineers. Our abilities mean that we can find solutions for unique requests. Through our extensive industrial experience, state-of-the-art technologies and dynamic fabrication capabilities, we can bring your project to completion precisely and efficiently.

Sheet Metal Crafters is proud to be a member of the Drug-Free Workplace for the state of Ohio.