Fire Life Safety

Sheet Metal Crafters provides total life-system inspections for large or small companies requiring HVAC Fire Life Safety certification.


Our staff inspectors are OSHA 30 certified, going beyond the required OSHA 10 mandate.


Fire Life SafetyWe’re a one-stop service solution. We can help manage all of the required services throughout your entire certification process, including damper inspections and more.


A Fire Life Safety inspection includes:

  • Ensuring all HVAC units are installed and maintained in accordance with NFPA 90A, Standard for the Installation of Air-Conditioning and Ventilation Systems, 1999 Edition.
  • Examination of each fire, smoke or ceiling damper every two years to ensure that it is not rusted or blocked, giving attention to hinges and other moving parts. At least every four years, fusible links (where applicable) will be removed. All dampers will be operated to verify that they fully close. The latch, if provided, will be checked, and moving parts will be lubricated as necessary.
  • Monitoring facility plant to ensure that all air filters are kept free of excess dust and combustible material. Unit filters should be renewed or cleaned according to manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Semiannual (two times per year) inspection of electrical equipment automatic filters and observing the operation cycle to ensure that the motor, relays, and other controls function as intended. Inspection of drive motors and gear reductions at least semiannually and lubrication when necessary.
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